Keep Playing! College opportunities even if you are not a superstar... (Episode #29)

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Coach Tom Newell and Jay Arnold talk with Patricia Marino and Alan Musante on their book Keep Playing - The Six Step Game Plan. The Non-Superstar's Guide to Playing Your Sport in College.

KeepPlaying.jpgAfter investing so much money in kid's sports over the years, many parents believe the return on investment is in scholarships or grants in helping their student athletes go to college and play in college.  P.J. and Al talk about their experience in supporting their daughter Alexis with a college search--their daughter was a junior varsity athlete and a late bloomer.  They took the initiative to contact college coaches, broadened their search beyond NCAA division-I, and investigated walk on opportunities.

"There is a world of opportunity in college that I don't think student athletes and their parents find out about early enough in their high school experience.  Our book is a primer for parents explaining how to open the door, especially for the kid that is not highly recruited, not all-league, not on the top of their AAU team," said Mustante. 

"You have nothing to lose. Why close the door?  Let some one else tell you 'no'.  Don't shut the door on your self," explained Marino.

Their research and lessons learned are in their book and web site, which they hope will be helpful for other parents.  See

Webmaster's note:  my apologies about the echo on Coach Tom.  It sounds like he is recording from the locker room!

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