Digital Video Coach and Planet-Hoops (Episode #21)

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Coach Tom and Coach Guy talk with Todd Kozinka, President of  Planet-Hoops offers a digital video editing system to break down video for scouting and post-game analysis, saving time for coaches.  Todd talks about their DVCoach system which makes the technology available to high schools and small colleges, or for use in producing scout tapes or team season highlight videos. 

DV Coach is available for basketball, soccer, hockey, and rugby.  Highlight videos and editing is available for other sports.

Tom, Guy, and Todd also talks about how coaches can use the service and analyze games, linking with a stats service like CyberSports.  They talk about the potential for high school athletes to do some self-promotion, especially to division-II or NAIA schools.  The Phoenix Sun's Steve Nash is an example of an athelte that was never recruited, but had to market himself.  They compare the $250-500 price of highlight tape to the thousands of dollars spent on AAU travel teams. 

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