Podcast: March 2007

Our guest today is Jim Kubacki, co-founder of College Camp Advantage.  This 4-day program helps a student demystify the process of college applications, take the pressure off, develop a plan, and focus on the things that you can control.  Tom and Guy discuss the template and process with Jim and offer tips that are valuable for high school students preparing for college.

For those in the Seattle area, College Camp Advantage is 7/23/2007 through 7/26/2007.  There is room for 25-30 students. 
Coach Jim Dail from the Clakamas Girls Basketball Association talks with Tom and Guy about their successful model for coaches, parents, and players. He describes how they set expectations for fun, teaching and skill-building, and positive experience for girls, appropriate to each age level. The CGBA has 500 girls in grades 1-8 participating in games, camps, and clinics in Oregon....(read more)
KarenBryantKaren Bryant from the Seattle Storm organization talks with Tom and Guy about the team and players going into the new women's basketball season.  They discuss the impact of the WNBA on girl's sports, the Storm's commitment to the community, and upcoming public events.  For more information, see Storm.WNBA.com

As spring sports begin, Coach Newell and Coach Perry talk about the transition and issues that coaches, parents, and players face:  a different coaching model, player's lack of confidence, the intimidation factor, and even getting shoe size right.
As we start spring and summer sports, Coach Tom Newell and Coach Guy Perry give practice reminders for new coaches or for a new season.

Boo! to the WIAA (Episode #13)

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The Washington Interscholastic Activities Association has proposed a ban on booing and other signs of disrepect.  Coach Tom Newell and Coach Guy Perry continue the discussion of the "Fans in the Stands" podcast and talk about the advantages of booing versus other expressions by students, and most especially, parents.

Some recent news articles on the ban can be found at:

Tom discusses those "combustible fuels" that weigh you down and can explode, how to overcome, develop "the athlete's mind" and rise to the occasion.  This template is something Coach Newell has used for both high school and intercollegiate athletes.
Following up on podcast #11, Coach Tom Newell and Coach Guy Perry have suggestions on how to deal if you are a target or victim or comments on Facebook or MySpace.com.
Topics related to Myopics:  Coach Tom Newell and Coach Guy Perry discuss how blogging on Facebook or MySpace.com impacts trust and team.  Tom invents a new word, Scriptassinateâ„¢, meaning assassination by writing words of hate on the internet.