Podcast: February 2007

Post Season Playoffs (Episode #10)

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On to State where it's "One and Done".  Tom Newell and Guy Perry will explore the anxieties of post-season for parents, coaches, and players.  (Also see, Podcast #2, "Fans in the Stands".)
Coach Guy Perry and Coach Tom Newell talk about the negative impacts of holding AAU and Select Team tryouts immediately only days after the end of the season. Huge expectations can color an otherwise successful season, teams that make the state playoffs are penalized with immediate tryouts, and the lack of break can lead to kids leaving the sport. This episode follows up on podcasts #4 and #5, which look at the costs and benefit of these programs and provides some criteria for choosing a AAU or Select Team program.
With the basketball season ending, Coach Tom Newell and Coach Guy Perry talk to coaches, players, and parents about the importance of staying positive, avoiding would-a, could-a, should-a, and most importantly, taking a two-week break to identify, write down, and commit to goals to work on during the off- season. 

Coach Tom talks with Mikey who has to work hard to stay connected with his son and daughter's sports lives despite being divorced and being separated by long distances.

Officials with Whistles (Episode #6)

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We expect officials to be perfect, but that's not possible in a game that is already a game of mistakes.  Coach Tom Newell and Coach Guy Perry discuss officiating, describe how to use humor in dealing with officials, and suggest parents and coaches be required to offficate.
Coach Tom Newell discusses how to prepare before tryouts, the need to stay flexibile with assignments, and how to deal with being cut.  Tom also discusses parental expectations and responsibilities, how to deal with a bad experience, and alternatives to the expenses of a travel team.
Coach Tom Newell and Coach Guy Perry discuss hidden politics in tryouts, the importance of talking with other parents who have participated in the program, and our checklist that parents should use in determining whether a program is right for your kids.