Podcast: January 2007

MySpace, cell phones and video games, parental overcommitment, focus on games and scrimmages versus individual instruction...

Coach Newell and Coach Perry discuss Shortcuts and Bad Habits in High School sports.  

Fans in the Stands (Episode #2)

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Coach Tom Newell and Coach Guy Perry talk about the parent's jitters before the first game, the temptation to give advice at halftime, how to deal with various end-game scenarios, and the all-important ride home.

Regrouping after Break... as a Team

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Building on the discussion from podcast #1, Coach Guy Perry talks about his experience with High School teams after returning from holiday vacation and recent snow storms in the Seattle area.
Coach Tom Newell and Coach Guy Perry discuss the challenges when returning to sports after holiday vacation and recent snow storms.  Parents and coaches can learn what to expect and how to respond--both in practice and first games after break.