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Coach Tom Newell and Jay Arnold talk with Patricia Marino and Alan Musante on their book Keep Playing - The Six Step Game Plan. The Non-Superstar's Guide to Playing Your Sport in College.

KeepPlaying.jpgAfter investing so much money in kid's sports over the years, many parents believe the return on investment is in scholarships or grants in helping their student athletes go to college and play in college.  P.J. and Al talk about their experience in supporting their daughter Alexis with a college search--their daughter was a junior varsity athlete and a late bloomer.  They took the initiative to contact college coaches, broadened their search beyond NCAA division-I, and investigated walk on opportunities.

"There is a world of opportunity in college that I don't think student athletes and their parents find out about early enough in their high school experience.  Our book is a primer for parents explaining how to open the door, especially for the kid that is not highly recruited, not all-league, not on the top of their AAU team," said Mustante. 

"You have nothing to lose. Why close the door?  Let some one else tell you 'no'.  Don't shut the door on your self," explained Marino.

Their research and lessons learned are in their book and web site, which they hope will be helpful for other parents.  See http://www.youcanplaycollegesports.com/

Webmaster's note:  my apologies about the echo on Coach Tom.  It sounds like he is recording from the locker room!

Injuries can be devastating to a young athlete, but also are a common part of sports. Coach Tom Newell discusses with Dr. John Thayer, who specializes in sports medicine, how to avoid injuries, how to recognize them, and how to deal with them, both as an athlete and as a parent.
  • Do playing in multiple sports increase the chance of injury?
  • What are the most common injuries? 
  • How do I recognize whether an injury is something that needs treatment?
  • My son or daughter is taking their injury really hard.  How can I best support them during their recovery?  

Dr. Thayer is a othopedic surgeon at Proliant Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine.

With the close of the basketball season, Coach Tom Newell discusses how expectations turn into frustrations at the end of the season, especially for parents. Upon reflection, the target of that frustration is misguided.

More information on reflecting on the season and setting goals during the off-season is available at:

Tom Newell reports from China, coaching the Jilin Northeast Tigers in the Chinese Basketball Association. This is his first podcast describing his experiences with his new team, Chinese people, and culture.
Scott Rerucha from the Legacy Group discusses his company's work to build legacies, their sponsorship of "For the Love of the Game", and what we might learn from the exhibition on June 16th.
Patrick Leonard from Qwizdom joins us to explain their technology for classrooms and events. The "For the Love of the Game" exhibition on June 16th will use Qwizdom interactive remotes to get feedback from the audience throughout the game.
Tom Newell and Guy Perry talk with former Sonics Coach Bob Hill about his Family SportsLife growing up, the challenges and differences in coaching versus playing the game, how teaching has changed in the pros, and advice for parents of young people.

Pete Newell Interview

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Family Sports Life Today, a Bellevue-based sports website, announces an exhibition basketball game at the University of Washington, Hec Edmundson Pavilion, June 16, 2007, with the game beginning at 1 pm.  Former local intercollegiate student athletes from the Pac 10, WCC, Big Sky and local colleges will demonstrate their adaptive basketball skills playing on a basketball hoop that is 11 feet high. This feature is more of a "science" experiment, presented by former NBA/WNBA Coach Tom Newell, a longtime Northwest native. 

As part of the announcement, Coach Tom Newell interviews his father, legendary coach Pete Newell.  The upcoming "For the Love of the Game" exhibition follows on to a similar exhibition with raised baskets that Coach Pete Newell did in 1961. 

Also, Coach Tom Newell and Coach Guy Perry discuss the NBA game and whether it is time for a change in our podcast episode "The NBA Game:  Time for a Change?"

Coach Tom and Coach Guy talk with Todd Kozinka, President of Planet-Hoops.com.  Planet-Hoops offers a digital video editing system to break down video for scouting and post-game analysis, saving time for coaches.  Todd talks about their DVCoach system which makes the technology available to high schools and small colleges, or for use in producing scout tapes or team season highlight videos. 

DV Coach is available for basketball, soccer, hockey, and rugby.  Highlight videos and editing is available for other sports.

Tom, Guy, and Todd also talks about how coaches can use the service and analyze games, linking with a stats service like CyberSports.  They talk about the potential for high school athletes to do some self-promotion, especially to division-II or NAIA schools.  The Phoenix Sun's Steve Nash is an example of an athelte that was never recruited, but had to market himself.  They compare the $250-500 price of highlight tape to the thousands of dollars spent on AAU travel teams. 

For more information, see

Daniel Jahn, former UW Strength and Conditioning Coach, talks about his company End Zone Athletics and their program for training kids, both one-on-one, and for entire teams.

The NBA Game: Time for a Change?

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Coach Tom Newell announces an exhibition, "For the Love of the Game", featuring professional and college players playing with an 11-foot hoop.  He and Coach Guy Perry discuss the change, what they expect for this exhibition, and for the pro game.

The exhibition and follow-up panel discussions will be held in June in the Seattle area.  Admission will be free with a can of food for donation to Northwest Harvest.  The event is sponsored by Family SportsLife Today, Coaches Who Care, Intl., and Best Effort Camps and Clinics.

Update:  The game will be at 1:PM on Saturday, June 16th, 2007 at UW's Hec Edmundson Pavilion.  Admission is free, but we are asking for a canned food donation to Northwest Harvest.  Join FamilySportsLifeToday.com and become an official observer.

Coach Tom and Coach Guy discuss the recent loss of the Franklin Girls Softball team 64-0 to West Seattle.  They discuss the failures by both coaches and the umpire, the impact on players on both teams, and offer suggestions on how the game should have been handled more gracefully.

Over the Top (Episode #19)

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Already this year we've seen several ugly instances where parents lose their sanity and take matters into his own hands--impacting their family sports life FOREVER.  Does watching your son or daughter playing competitive sports make you anxious?  Imagine if there is no score, would you have the same feelings and reactions?  You need to listen to this podcast for parents that are "Over the Top."
Our guest today is Jim Kubacki, co-founder of College Camp Advantage.  This 4-day program helps a student demystify the process of college applications, take the pressure off, develop a plan, and focus on the things that you can control.  Tom and Guy discuss the template and process with Jim and offer tips that are valuable for high school students preparing for college.

For those in the Seattle area, College Camp Advantage is 7/23/2007 through 7/26/2007.  There is room for 25-30 students. 
Coach Jim Dail from the Clakamas Girls Basketball Association talks with Tom and Guy about their successful model for coaches, parents, and players. He describes how they set expectations for fun, teaching and skill-building, and positive experience for girls, appropriate to each age level. The CGBA has 500 girls in grades 1-8 participating in games, camps, and clinics in Oregon....(read more)
KarenBryantKaren Bryant from the Seattle Storm organization talks with Tom and Guy about the team and players going into the new women's basketball season.  They discuss the impact of the WNBA on girl's sports, the Storm's commitment to the community, and upcoming public events.  For more information, see Storm.WNBA.com

As spring sports begin, Coach Newell and Coach Perry talk about the transition and issues that coaches, parents, and players face:  a different coaching model, player's lack of confidence, the intimidation factor, and even getting shoe size right.
As we start spring and summer sports, Coach Tom Newell and Coach Guy Perry give practice reminders for new coaches or for a new season.

Boo! to the WIAA (Episode #13)

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The Washington Interscholastic Activities Association has proposed a ban on booing and other signs of disrepect.  Coach Tom Newell and Coach Guy Perry continue the discussion of the "Fans in the Stands" podcast and talk about the advantages of booing versus other expressions by students, and most especially, parents.

Some recent news articles on the ban can be found at:

Tom discusses those "combustible fuels" that weigh you down and can explode, how to overcome, develop "the athlete's mind" and rise to the occasion.  This template is something Coach Newell has used for both high school and intercollegiate athletes.
Following up on podcast #11, Coach Tom Newell and Coach Guy Perry have suggestions on how to deal if you are a target or victim or comments on Facebook or MySpace.com.
Topics related to Myopics:  Coach Tom Newell and Coach Guy Perry discuss how blogging on Facebook or MySpace.com impacts trust and team.  Tom invents a new word, Scriptassinateâ„¢, meaning assassination by writing words of hate on the internet.

Post Season Playoffs (Episode #10)

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On to State where it's "One and Done".  Tom Newell and Guy Perry will explore the anxieties of post-season for parents, coaches, and players.  (Also see, Podcast #2, "Fans in the Stands".)
Coach Guy Perry and Coach Tom Newell talk about the negative impacts of holding AAU and Select Team tryouts immediately only days after the end of the season. Huge expectations can color an otherwise successful season, teams that make the state playoffs are penalized with immediate tryouts, and the lack of break can lead to kids leaving the sport. This episode follows up on podcasts #4 and #5, which look at the costs and benefit of these programs and provides some criteria for choosing a AAU or Select Team program.
With the basketball season ending, Coach Tom Newell and Coach Guy Perry talk to coaches, players, and parents about the importance of staying positive, avoiding would-a, could-a, should-a, and most importantly, taking a two-week break to identify, write down, and commit to goals to work on during the off- season. 

Coach Tom talks with Mikey who has to work hard to stay connected with his son and daughter's sports lives despite being divorced and being separated by long distances.

Officials with Whistles (Episode #6)

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We expect officials to be perfect, but that's not possible in a game that is already a game of mistakes.  Coach Tom Newell and Coach Guy Perry discuss officiating, describe how to use humor in dealing with officials, and suggest parents and coaches be required to offficate.
Coach Tom Newell discusses how to prepare before tryouts, the need to stay flexibile with assignments, and how to deal with being cut.  Tom also discusses parental expectations and responsibilities, how to deal with a bad experience, and alternatives to the expenses of a travel team.
Coach Tom Newell and Coach Guy Perry discuss hidden politics in tryouts, the importance of talking with other parents who have participated in the program, and our checklist that parents should use in determining whether a program is right for your kids.

MySpace, cell phones and video games, parental overcommitment, focus on games and scrimmages versus individual instruction...

Coach Newell and Coach Perry discuss Shortcuts and Bad Habits in High School sports.  

Fans in the Stands (Episode #2)

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Coach Tom Newell and Coach Guy Perry talk about the parent's jitters before the first game, the temptation to give advice at halftime, how to deal with various end-game scenarios, and the all-important ride home.

Regrouping after Break... as a Team

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Building on the discussion from podcast #1, Coach Guy Perry talks about his experience with High School teams after returning from holiday vacation and recent snow storms in the Seattle area.
Coach Tom Newell and Coach Guy Perry discuss the challenges when returning to sports after holiday vacation and recent snow storms.  Parents and coaches can learn what to expect and how to respond--both in practice and first games after break.