Parents are the Ones Needing a Time Out


Danny Westneat's column in the Sunday Times is a must-read.  He chronicles the journey he takes as a sports parent:

  • being screamed at by a mother when volunteering as an umpire for a softball game of 10-year olds
  • watching a basketball game of 7-year-olds being stopped because of parents treatment of a referee
  • him yelling at his 9-year daughter to hurry up between ballet and softball practice (with one ballet slipper and one softball cleat on)
  • questioning his daughter for sitting on the bench

Does this sound familiar?

Forget the kids. It's the parents who are losing it.

In a 60-day period from mid-April to mid-June, my kids went to 104 out-of-school organized activities. Deliriously I toted them up the other day. Baseball, soccer, basketball and softball games. Practices for all of the above. Piano and ballet lessons. Recitals. Choir rehearsals and concerts.


The doctors and researchers and social workers have focused all along on the wrong party. We kids are all right. It's you parents who need a timeout.

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