USA Today: Here's How to Juice NBA Ratings


In Michael Hiestand's column on June 15th, he proposes some ideas for TV.  He also mentions "For the Love of the Game" which mentions the Qwizdom interactive remotes available to observers.

If you think 21st-century basketball has outgrown the 10-foot height of the baskets, you don't have to just imagine how raising baskets would change play. Saturday, you'll see it.

Ex-college players will square off in Seattle in an exhibition using 11-foot rims that will be carried live on Fox Sports Northwest, a regional cable network in about 3.2 million TV households, as well as online on

Fan response will be instantaneous. About 1,000 fans on hand at the University of Washington's arena will be asked 65 questions during the game -- "Do you miss dunks?" -- and will answer via handheld devices. Online, viewers can also answer the questions. The results will be flashed immediately on FSN and online.

The game was organized by Tom Newell, who helped coach NBA teams, on the theory that raised rims might elevate play.

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