News Wire: May 2007

 Family SportsLifeToday is producing a basketball exposition where athletes would play with the hoop raised to 11 feet, using NBA rules with small changes.

Players with ties to the Northwest from their days of playing in the Pac 10, WCC, Big Sky, and local colleges will make up the rosters. NBA local players are not allowed to participate due to the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Former players can play if they choose.

Event Details: June, 16, 2007
Doors open at Noon, program begins at 12:15 PM, 1:00 PM Tipoff
University of Washington's Hec Edmundson Pavilion
FREE admission

Benefit: Northwest Harvest will receive donated canned food items from the event.

Observers: The audience will have the opportunity to become official observers for the event, completing an Observer's form, evaluating the exhibition, and providing feedback via Qwizdom interactive remotes. We also will invite observers from the following demographics: high school coaches, college coaches, pro coaches, sports writers, and high school players and parents.

Statistics: full statistics and analysis of the game will be provided by CyberSportsUSA

Title Sponsor: The Legacy Group, a Bellevue-based Capital, Mortgage and Escrow company.

Live Entertainment will be provided. Half court attempts for prizes will also be included in the timeout periods and halftime. People will have the opportunity to come on the court after the game.

For more information, see

  • Coach Tom Newell discusses how the elevated hoop could change the game in our podcast episode "NBA Game: Time for a Change?"
  • Patrick Leonard discusses the Qwizdom interactive remotes--a unique tool for classrooms or presentations--which we will use to get feedback from 1000 observers
  • Ernie Woods from CyberSportsUSA discusses statistics and tools available for coaches
  • Basketball Hall of Fame Coach Pete Newell discusses basketball history and results of a exhibition with raised hoops he did in 1961

Bob HillFormer Seattle Supersonics Coach Bob Hill has not coached in his final game in Seattle.  He's planning to come back and coach in Family SportLife Today's "For the Love of the Game" exhibition.  "I think it's a great idea and I'd certainly like to be part of it," said Hill.  Read the article in the Seattle Times here.

Fox Sports is reporting that the NCAA men's basketball rules committee approved a measure to move the 3-point line back one foot.

The men's basketball rules committee approved a measure Thursday that would move the 3-point line back one foot in 2008 -- from 19 feet, 9 inches to 20 feet, 9 inches. If approved by the playing rules oversight committee on May 25, it would mark the first major alteration to the 3-point shot since its adoption in 1986-87. 

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With the 3-point line moved back one foot, perhaps it's time to consider raising the baskets one foot?