The Parental Element of Surprise


As parents, we have control over the memories we make for our kids. I encourage you to pay attention to the sports, the teams and the players your child are interested in.

Ask your son or daughter what they like best about the players they love to watch. This one question may shed light on what things they are looking at in a player, things they are noticing about the sport, and how they might play the sport.

In the early 1970’s, I was enamored with the New York Knicks. I knew all the players, their stats, even the colleges they attended. Frazier, Reed, Monroe, Bradley, DeBussure, Lucas… All of them eventual Hall Of Fame players. They epitomized teamwork. Each was a gifted individual talent, but they recognized they could be greater together, so they checked their egos at the door and wound up being one of the best all around teams in basketball history. Anyway, my father recognized my passion for this special team, and while taking me on a business trip to Los Angeles, he got tickets for game 6 of the Knicks- Laker 1973 Championship series. After we arrived at the Forum with a family friend, we reached our seats only to find there weren’t enough for the three of us. It was then my dad handed me a ticket and pointed to where I was sitting. It was a fourth row view behind the Knick bench.

I watched the Knicks win the NBA Championship that night, and shook hands with Bill Bradley and Earl Monroe as they came off the floor. It was a surreal moment that is with me always. And, when I think of my father, I think of his kindness and interest in me.

My dad isn’t a big basketball fan, but learning that I was, he made a lifetime memory for me. Pay attention to the passions of your children, you’ll feel better because of it. I know my father does.

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