"Still Crazy After All of these Years..."


August 3, 2008...Paul Simon made this recording a well-hummed tune for many many years...And I still hum it on my "arrival" date and even some days and months before my first cry...

Okay, where and what has ol tommyboy been up to of late? Well for starters, I just finished the Seattle Parks Best Effort/HopeHeart Institute camps for kids...We had close to 1,000 kids, ages 7-14 (with very very few 13-14 year olds in attendance: DANGER!!)...The kids were terrific, the help I had was terrific, having Greg George and Greg Peters from Northwest University help me for the last 5 weeks...They both are tall and imposing "teddy bears", trust me...GGeorge is 6'10 and GPeters is 6'8...They were positive models to the kids each day...I have been really blessed over the last few years to have such wonderful "models to follow" with our Best Effort Camps..

This week we're doing the Best Effort program at the Tukwila Parks Community Center and then over to the Renton Parks Center in the afternoon...Coach June Daugherty is representing the HopeHeart Institute in these two programs and I will be reppin the Best Effort model...June is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE people in basketball...She loves the game, the players and kids who also love basketball...We have been close friends for a long long time, and together with her husband, Mike, I think they'll turn the program around over there on the Palouse...She suffered a Heart Attack last Spring and recovered, but it was a touch and go situation for sure...HopeHeart Institute of Seattle is a non-profit organization and they have been a terrific partner this summer in our camps...The packets that Laura Suter put together for the kids on the last day has been the true highlight for the camp experience...They provide info on proper nutrition and exercise for BOTH Parents and their children...I am really happy to have met Greg Ritter, Executive President of this organization and his able-ready-to-help staff...What a TEAM they have...Wow!!

Okay, so I leave after a short and sweet update...will be blogging again from Houston as I leave on Wednesday to train several NBA players for a week...Then I come home or arrive in Portland for our oldest daughter's, Ashleigh's, wedding...Yikes...NOW I really KNOW I am getting old...Our oldest getting married to a terrific fella, Brian Fortune...he too is a graduate of Linfield College...works as a Real Estate Executive in Hillsboro...Has a nice jump shot too to go along with his overall Men's League Game...I "scouted" him out folks, you know, that's why they call me "Tonto"...Take care, drive safely, wear your bicycle helmets when ridin the streets ANYWHERE!! Lots of love, Coach tom

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