Without the following people providing support and volunteer help, the "For the Love of the Game" event would not have been possible. Thank you for being a part of history.

Mr. Scott Rerucha, The Legacy Group, President, Title Sponsor

Mr. Pat Leonard, Qwizdom, inc. Coordinator, Support Sponsor

K&G Investments, Support Sponsor

Mr. Jon Wise, New Balance Shoes and Apparel

Mr. Alden "Audie" Foote, Graphic Artist and Design Coordinator

Mr. Daniel Jahn, End Zone Athletics, Strength and Conditioning Coach

Mr. Dave Burroughs, Security Director/Advisor, "Caretakers of the Game" Plaque, Mr. Nick Beerman, Proprietor

Mr. Larry Stone, Coordinator of Platform Construction for Elevated Basket Stanchions

Mr. Bob Llewellyn, Spalding Basketballs "Project 11" Commemorative Balls

Metropolitan Grill, Gift Certificate for Event

Jak's Steak House, Alki, Gift Certificate for Event

Mr. Kevin Regan, Quality Business Systems, Inc.

Mr. Marty Hillis and the GREAT TEAM at The Ram, U Village

Silver Cloud Hotel, U Village

Watertown Inn, Seattle

Coach Joe Callero, Seattle University

Coach Jeff Hironaka, Seattle Pacific University

Mr. Chip Lydum, Facilities Director, University of Washington

University of Washington Event Management Staff, Facilities Staff

Coach Brett Brungaard, Strength and Conditioning Coach, UW

Ms. Jennifer Radcliffe, ATC, UW

Mr. Brandon Miller, UW Team Manager and Scorer

Mr. Bryce Currie, Volunteer Assistant

Mr. Greg Peters, Student Athlete, Northwest University, Kirkland

Mrs. Jan Jorg, Volunteer

Mr. David Hallingstad, Volunteer

Mr. David Spear, Volunteer Photographer/Coordinator Extraordinaire

Coach Ernie Woods, CybersportsUSA, Statistical Data for Event

Mr. Todd Kozinka,, DVCoach Analysis for Event

The "One and Only" venerable, Smitty from Athletic Supply

Mr. Al Cox, Al Cox Signs

Mr. Dan Vetras, Talisma, Support Sponsor

Coach Marv Harshman, Hall of Fame UW Coach

Coach Lorenzo Romar, UW Men's Coach

Coach Tia Jackson, UW Women's Coach

Mr. Frank Smoll, PhD, Sports Psychologist, UW

Mr. Ron Smith, PhD, Sports Psychologist, UW

Coach Stan Morrison, Athletics Director, UC Riverside

Mr. Jeff Compher, Senior Athletics Director, UW

Mr. Bill Hogan, Seattle U., Athletics Director

Mr. Tom Box, Seattle Pacific University, Athletics Director

Charles E. Robertson, Senior Lecturer, Emeritus, Physicist

Coach Billy Rodgers, Sonics-Storm Community Relations Director

Ms. Karen Bryant, Sonics-Storm, Senior Vice President

Coach Bob Hill, Consultant to Event

Coach Pete Newell, Consultant to Event

Coach Bill Fitch, Consultant to Event

Mr. Jim Fisher, Actor, playing Dr. James Naismith

Mr. Shane Johnson, J & R Woodworking, Co-builder of Platforms

Mr. Terry Sayers, Foundation to Finish, Co-builder of Platforms

Mr. Scott Takeda,, Video Producer

Ms. Diondra Perry, Production Assistant

Mr. L.T. Arnold, First Aid / EMT

Bob Schmitt, Oppenheimer & Co., Bellevue

FSN: Bill Kcazaraba, Tim McQuillan, Jon Bradford, Pat Brown

KJR SportsRadio 950: Rich Moore, DickFain

Seanboy Perry, Director of Towel Boys under baskets

Patrick Hillis, Team Attendant

Northwest Harvest Food Bank: Darla Weideman and Staff

Special thanks to Coach Newell's "step up" student athlete volunteers who made this even possible.

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