I play another sport. How do I prepare for tryouts in a couple of days?


Hey Coach!
I play another sport besides basketball. The tryouts are a couple of days after my other activity's season is completed. What can I do to successfully prepare for basketball tryouts?

Don't Panic!! Talk with your present activity coach and ask him/her if you can have permission to "work out" on weekends on your own (as long as it doesn't interfere with your present team's activity). Take 5 mins. everyday, one month or earlier, and begin a stationary 1 minute dribble drill, using your right hand first, keeping a tab in your mind on the number of dribbles in this minute, then switch over to the other hand, and repeat the same sequence, keeping a tab on the number of bounces in a minute. The next drill is a stationary crossover drill that has your feet apart (shoulder wide), and you crossover dribble from right to left, all the while keeping your head up eyes forward, but still able to "see" the ball in your periphery. You can also do this drill with your eyes closed! Yes, and it is a great drill to practice everyday as well. This drill should be for at least 2 minutes. The reason for keeping "tabs" on your dribble count in the beginning drill, is to remind you to improve by 1 or more dribbles each day you practice this on your own. It will increase your confidence with the ball and at the same time prepare you for the "tryouts" that loom ahead.

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