How Do I Prepare for a Tryout?


Hey Coach!
What are the most important things to remember when trying out for any sport?

Stay in shape!!! Coaches have a hard time with players who try out and haven't put the time in all summer or the offseason to prepare for the "days" of tryouts. If you think you can get by on 3-4 days of workout a couple of weeks prior to the tryout date... forget it. You are setting yourself up for failure and maybe even getting nauseous and sick. There is no reason a high school athlete who knows what the drill requirements will be for the activity should come into a tryout without some preseason conditioning under their belt. I have more participants in tryouts fail because they didn't prepare properly. Preparation defined as follows:
1) strength and conditioning regimen... personal trainer, select team experiences...
2) practice repetitions for experience and success...
3) playing in competitions in order to develop better habits and improved skills.., if you are competing in another after school activity this covers that area of preparation.

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