Getting to Know a New Coach


Hey Coach!
Basketball is my primary sport. We have a new coach and helshe doesn't know anything about me. What can I do to help my coach know more about me as a team player and person?

Great question! Put together a one page questionnaire that you have drafted for the benefit of this new coach. This information would allow the coach to assess your background with the sport...  what you did this past summer... whether or not you attended a basketball camp and/or played on a select team. Also include the information on community service experiences, if you have done so to date. Be sure to put down your attainable goals both for school and athletics. This information will assist the coach(es) in assessing your leadership skills as well as your commitment to competing at the high school level. Information to any coach is golden. It helps them to understand their team better and provides an insight as to the team's strength and perhaps weaknesses.


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